Data visualization

Up-to-the-minute microlensing model light curves along with data collected by OGLE, MOA, MiNDSTEp, RoboNet-II, MONET, MicroFUN, and uFUN-PLANET

ARTEMiS receives real-time data feeds from all current campaigns that observe Galactic microlensing events towards the Galactic bulge, namely OGLE, MOA, MiNDSTEp, RoboNet-II, MONET. MicroFUN, and uFUN-PLANET. As the data are received, the SIGNALMEN anomaly detector models an event light curve and creates a data file ready for plotting.

You can create your own customized plots by selecting observing sites, filters, and the plotting ranges with our

Interactive plotter

For a user-defined selection of the observing sites, the most recent data and the respective model light curve are automatically displayed by means of our

Data monitoring system

A sophisticated queue system prevents as much as possible that data received from any specific site blocks the processing of data from other sites. Moreover, a preliminary plot with the latest data is fast-tracked for immediate display before remodelling and SIGNALMEN assessment.

Our plots also show on which data SIGNALMEN based its decision to considering an anomaly or decided that it is in progress (optional with the interactive plotter).

All plot graphics can be exported in GIF or PDF format. The respective ARTEMiS right holders grant you permission to freely show and distribute its plots as long as appropriate credit is given. However, all data displayed on the plots fall under the copyright of the respective observers or observing teams, and any further use needs to be endorsed by those.

Further information about the ARTEMiS light curve plots can (hopefully soon) be found here.

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